SMST 2015 Final Program (2015)

Citation: SMST Final Program

Effects of Room Temperature Aging on Hydrogen-Charged Nitinol (2015)

Authors: Tom Duerig, Daniel Madamba
Citation: SMST 2015

Sensitivity of Nitinol Fatigue Strain to Material Inputs in Finite Element Analysis (2015)

Authors: Karthikeyan Senthilnathan, Tom Duerig, Payman Saffari, Craig Bonsignore
Citation: SMST 2015

Effect of Pre-Strain on Nitinol Fatigue Life (2015)

Authors: Ich Ong, Lot Vien, Daniel Madamba. KarthikeyanSenthilnathan, Tom Duerig, Ali Shamimi
Citation: SMST 2015

The Influence of the R-Phase on the Superelastic Behavior of NiTi (2015)

Authors: T. W. Duerig, K. Bhattacharya
Citation: ASM International 2015

Corrosion Resistance and Biological Response to Nitinol (2015)

Authors: Christine Trepanier
Citation: SMST 2015

A History of our Industry (2015)

Authors: Keith Melton, Tom Duerig
Citation: SMST 2015

Rotary-bending fatigue (2013)

Authors: A.R. Pelton, J. Fino-Decker, L. Vien, C. Bonsignore, P. Saffari, M. Launey, M.R. Mitchell
Citation: Pelton, A.R., et al., Rotary-bending fatigue characteristics of medical-grade Nitinol wire. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2013)

Strain Amplitude Volume Fraction (2013)

Authors: Craig Bonsignore, Payman Saffari, Payam Saffari
Citation: SMST-2013, Prague

Metals as Implantable Materials (2009)

Authors: Duerig
Citation: TCT 2009