Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

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What is going on with the Nitinol Supply Chain?

On Thursday, May 16th Confluent’s Senior Director of Material Infrastructure, Jonathan Howe, hosted a webinar discussing the Nitinol supply chain and the steps Confluent has taken to address the supply…

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Confluent Medical REACH Compliant TPU Announcement

Purpose:The purpose of this announcement is to provide information regarding Confluent Medical’s new REACH Compliant TPU offering using our filmcast technology. Filmcast Overview and Roles of Thin TPU strike layers:Confluent’s…

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Answering Your Questions on Nitinol Material Availability

The recent announcement of investments and acquisitions within the Nitinol material market has caused some concerns about availability and overall stability of the Nitinol supply chain. Many are concerned about…

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Confluent Increases Laser Capacity for Nitinol Components

Confluent has added new lasers to their Nitinol Center of Excellence in Fremont, CA to increase their laser cutting capacity for Nitinol components. The addition of these lasers will increase…

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Potential Disruption to the Polyimide Supply Chain

Solvent widely used in Polyimide production under review by EPA; rules and restrictions expected. Filmcast polyimide tubing and composite constructions have been key components in the medical device industry for…

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Nitinol Wire Braided Components

Braided Nitinol components are widely used in medical devices due to the flexibility, tailorable properties, and ability to form braids into complex shapes.  Common applications for braided nitinol include:  Neurovascular…

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Tech Note: Confluent Adds Advanced Knitting Capability For Heart Valves And Structural Heart Devices At Textile Center Of Excellence

Confluent recently added advanced capabilities for 3-D and near net shape textiles with a Raschel Double Needle Bar knitter.  This investment will support advances in textiles in our target transcatheter…

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Tech Note: Electrospinning Q&A

The Electrospinning Company, based in the UK, has developed a proprietary stent coating technology which broadens the design options utilized in the stent coating market and fully automate the process…

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Tech Note: Confluent Exceeds Historical Filmcast PTFE Threshold

Filmcast PTFE has historically been limited to a maximum diameter of around 0.100”, which restricted the option for larger French size aspiration catheters. Confluent was able to break through that…

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Investment in New Tubing Draw Lines Adds Capacity and Expands Large Diameter Tubing Capability

Confluent Medical Technologies, (Confluent), invests in several new high-precision tube drawing lines that expand size range capabilities and strengthens its vertically integrated Nitinol supply chain. These new lines will support…

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