Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

NDC Tech Note: NDC’s Crimping Operations Team

Reinforcing its strategic focus on endovascular device and component manufacturing, NDC has formed a Crimping Operations Team spanning multiple functions including product development, process engineering, manufacturing and quality. The Crimping Operations Team, led by Lisa Ballou, Product Development Manager, is available to provide multiple services including crimp tube material selection, processing, inspection, validation, technical service consulting and crimping equipment development. Team members have experience with standard two-wire crimping, as well as complex crimping methods involving three-plus wires.

When designing and manufacturing AAA/TAA stent grafts, nitinol crimp tube considerations can be critical. High quality crimp tube material, consistent and reliable crimping processes and robust quality inspections are all relevant in ensuring the optimal performance, deliverability and fatigue life of the underlying stent graft.

NDC’s Crimping Operations Team was formed to research and implement new crimping processes. NDC manufactures crimp tubes in multiple shapes to accommodate various wire configurations, utilizes 3D printing to produce custom fixtures, tailors crimping processes based upon overall device design and then utilizes in-line quality control processes to inspect components from each lot manufactured. Doug Hutchison, Chief Commercial Officer noted, “NDC has invested in crimp tube design and processing to provide our endovascular customers with the highest confidence in wireform device performance. Additionally, by reliably crimping 3-plus wires, endovascular engineers have the opportunity to explore new designs for their components.”

For questions on NDC’s Crimping Operations Team, please contact Samantha Avila [email protected].

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