NDC Tech Note: NDC testing new processes for PTFE coating of Nitinol

NDC is in the process of testing a new low-temperature method of applying PTFE and other coatings to Nitinol that will not compromise the alloy’s underlying mechanical properties. PTFE, a hydrophobic coating, is routinely utilized in the medical device industry to improve device lubricity, allowing devices to slide easily within the body. Difficulties can arise in manufacturing as standard PTFE curing processes involve high temperatures (>200°C) and times that can alter the superelastic or shape memory properties of Nitinol.

“As an organization we are continually researching and investing in new technologies to better serve our customers” stated Tom Duerig, Founder and Chief Technology Officer. NDC is developing several new Nitinol related technologies this year that include PTFE coating, a high-quality wire-form and crimp tube process, a wire-form process that allows for tighter intradose radius and surface processing that improves fatigue performance. These internal programs are designed to support customer’s R&D and commercial stage programs within endovascular, peripheral vascular, cardiovascular, neurovascular and orthopedic markets.

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