Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

Confluent Medical Announces New Capabilities at the Orange County Balloon Catheter Center-of-Excellence

The Confluent Orange County, CA center-of-excellence for balloon catheters and extrusion, has expanded into a new Prototyping Lab and increased its capabilities with a new state-of-the art Polymer Laser.

The Confluent Orange County site focuses heavily on front-end R&D, prototyping and customer development support.  The site has continually expanded its technical capabilities, and has plans over the next few years to increase the resources dedicated to balloon catheter R&D and customer technical development.


The increased space will allow for more prototyping and technical service capabilities. “This new space allows us to use our proprietary PT^2 RF technology for flaring, tipping, and micro-molding,” stated Elgin Mason, Senior Prototyping Engineer at Confluent’s Orange County location. “PT^2 works well with a wide range of materials, from commonly used Pebax® and Polyurethanes to high-temperature polymers like PEEK, FEP, and PTFE.”  Additionally, the expansion allows for the standard balloon and balloon catheter prototyping lab to continue its quick-turn rapid prototyping of about one week.



The new Polymer Laser adds capabilities to process polymers minimizing handling and secondary operations such as cleaning.

Current capabilities are:

  • Hole drilling
  • Cutting
  • Ablation
  • Texturing
  • Marking

In addition, the laser can process thin (~.003” MAX) wall thickness metals, i.e., stainless steel.

The addition of these new technologies is part of Confluent’s commitment to being a trusted partner to our Confluent customers.

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