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NDC is an Independent Company Once Again

Nitinol Devices & Components is pleased to announce that on May 19, 2008 it will be an independent company once again. NDC’s affiliation with Johnson & Johnson has ended. The new NDC is owned by a group of private investors, led by NDC Founder and President, Dr. Tom Duerig. All of the current management team and most of the people you have worked with in the past will remain.

NDC will continue to manufacture its Nitinol materials and components in the same locations. We will continue our partnerships with ATI Wah Chang and G Rau GmbH.

As an independent company, NDC will be able to devote more effort and expertise into serving our Components customers. The new NDC will offer more component-related services. These include a full range of Nitinol engineering analysis services; plus regulatory submittal support, design consultative services, and Nitinol project management assistance.

The new NDC will have total control over its business efforts. Companies who were reluctant to work with NDC in the past will not have that to worry about any more. They will have full access to NDC’s industry-leading experience, covering all aspects of Nitinol medical device development and production.

We are extremely excited to present this new NDC to our present and future customers in the medical device industry. Contact us at:

Ph: 510-623-6996/ 952-404-1421
Email: [email protected]


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