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Tech Note: Confluent Medical Technologies Debuts Balloon Forming Machine BFM-4410 Capable of Producing Three Balloons in One Cycle

Confluent Medical Technologies BFM-4410

Confluent Medical Technologies is excited to announce the launch of our new Computerized Balloon Forming Machine, Model BFM-4410. The BFM-4410 is designed to produce three high-strength polymer balloons using a stretch blow-molding process. The machine provides optimal synchronization of heating, axial stretching and internal tubing pressurization for all three water jacket channels producing high-quality, consistent balloons.

Confluent Medical developed a new blow-molding process to be able to form three balloons with the same high-quality results. The BFM-4410 has newer components and technology to allow repeatability in one forming cycle thereby reducing overall cycle and setup times. Advancements in the balloon forming process include improved accuracy in pressure and flow rates through all three channels, simultaneously resulting in consistent yields for all three formed balloons.

The benefits of the BFM-4410 include:

  • One cycle produces three balloons
  • Substantial yield and throughput increases, as compared to traditional ‘one up’ balloon blowing
  • High-efficiency triple water jacket for uniform heating and cooling
  • High-precision pressure and flow control during balloon forming
  • Easier setup and improved operator performance
  • Reduced footprint – One balloon forming machine replaces three

In certain cases, the BFM-4410 can be set-up to produce up to nine balloons in one cycle. Confluent Medical possesses over 20 years of balloon development experience and can optimize the BFM-4410 on a customer-by-customer basis.

Confluent Medical balloon forming equipment provides very accurate and repeatable control for processing high-quality balloons with tight tolerances in an extensive variety of sizes, shapes and material capabilities. Confluent Medical is known for creating balloon forming equipment that delivers consistent performance, reduced cycle times, increased yields and higher quality, along with real-time balloon forming profiling. Now, the Confluent Medical BFM-4410 takes balloon forming equipment to the next level, offering high-quality balloons with greater balloon yields and production capabilities.

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