Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

Tech Note: Confluent Medical Technologies’ Continued Commitment to Equipment Business

For over 20 years, Confluent Medical Technologies (formerly Interface Catheter Solutions and NDC) has been committed to providing customers with the most innovative and comprehensive line of equipment for balloon production, catheter manufacturing, and testing. We are proud to have built a reputation based on high-quality, reliable equipment supported by exceptional service.

Confluent Medical remains the only company to offer the entire catheter suite of equipment, enabling our customers to work with a single equipment supplier to create the most advanced balloon catheters on the market. The Confluent Medical engineering team has the deep technical knowledge and established processes to support our customers’ balloon catheter equipment and production needs.

Confluent Medical understands how important high-quality equipment is to our valued customers and our team is committed to developing the most advanced equipment line to enable increased productivity and greater efficiencies. As an innovation leader in the catheter equipment business, we maintain a continuously evolving line of equipment.

Donald Freeman, Vice President, notes, “As a combined company, we are in a stronger position to provide our customers with a single-source solution. By offering the full catheter suite of equipment, our customers can trust that we have the tools and knowledge to produce the best balloon catheters on the market from start to finish. We hope to instill confidence in our valued customers that we will continue growing our equipment business and we greatly appreciate their ongoing support.”

For more information about Confluent Medical’s Equipment line, please visit our Equipment page or contact [email protected].

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