Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

NDC Tech Note: Project Management Implementation provides greater predictability in project timelines

At the same time that NDC is expanding its customer portfolio and the diversity of Nitinol medical devices it manufactures, it is also embracing core capabilities in project management. NDC has implemented a project management approach by fundamentally reorganizing its customer-facing product development teams. NDC now has a full staff focused on technical project management, acting as highly skilled liaisons between customers and NDC’s technical groups (laser, surface finishing, analysis, testing services, etc.) to ensure development programs stay on track. NDC’s renewed focus on project management will allow team members to better plan and predict product development cycles, anticipate and manage risk, and be more responsive to customer needs, delivering the right solution on time and under budget. Project management compliments NDC’s core expertise in Nitinol technologies, giving customers’ confidence not only that they are receiving the highest quality Nitinol components, but also that robust systems are in place to ensure development timelines are met.

Derrick Richardson, Sr. Director, Product Development noted that “Our disciplined, stage gate approach to product development focused on the end-goal of robust, scalable, and sustainable commercial production sets NDC apart from other Nitinol component manufacturers.”

For questions on NDC’s Project Management Team, please contact Derrick Richardson [email protected].

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