Tech Note: Electrospinning Q&A

The Electrospinning Company, based in the UK, has developed a proprietary stent coating technology which broadens the design options utilized in the stent coating market and fully automate the process of attaching biomedical textiles onto medical devices. Below are the answers to some of the most commonly as questions about the Electrospinning process: Q) How ...continue reading

Tech Note: Confluent Exceeds Historical Filmcast PTFE Threshold

Filmcast PTFE has historically been limited to a maximum diameter of around 0.100”, which restricted the option for larger French size aspiration catheters. Confluent was able to break through that threshold and currently offers PTFE ID sizes from 0.010” to 0.137” and up to 0.155” on a limited basis with lead times of 4 weeks ...continue reading

Investment in New Tubing Draw Lines Adds Capacity and Expands Large Diameter Tubing Capability

Confluent Medical Technologies, (Confluent), invests in several new high-precision tube drawing lines that expand size range capabilities and strengthens its vertically integrated Nitinol supply chain. These new lines will support the speed to market for Nitinol tubing and component customers. Additionally, this investment substantially expands Nitinol manufacturing capacity and increases the sizing capability for Nitinol ...continue reading

Tech Note: Comparison of Confluent Filmcast PTFE to RAM Extruded PTFE

The purpose of this Tech Note is to provide data for comparison of Confluent Filmcast PTFE to RAM Extruded PTFE to assist customers in choosing the right material for their specific application. Click the link below to learn more about this comparison and email [email protected] for a custom quote today. ...continue reading

Tech Note: Confluent Opens New Biomaterials Manufacturing Center

Confluent Medical Technologies (Confluent) has recently announced the completion of a new Biomaterials Manufacturing Center at their Textiles Center of Excellence in Warwick, Rhode Island. This expansion enables Confluent to combine their textiles expertise with these new material technologies, offering novel textile solutions that promise improved patient outcomes. Biomaterials such as decellularized collagen have an ...continue reading

Tech Note: Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies Conference and Exposition (Smst) 2022

The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST) took place in Carlsbad, California on May 16th-20th, 2022. SMST brings together a diverse group of worldwide experts active in the field of shape memory and superelastic materials. There was be a full-day Nitinol workshop followed by a four-day technical program that covered a host ...continue reading

Confluent Medical Announces New Capabilities at the Orange County Balloon Catheter Center-of-Excellence

The Confluent Orange County, CA center-of-excellence for balloon catheters and extrusion, has expanded into a new Prototyping Lab and increased its capabilities with a new state-of-the art Polymer Laser. The Confluent Orange County site focuses heavily on front-end R&D, prototyping and customer development support.  The site has continually expanded its technical capabilities, and has plans ...continue reading

Tech Note: Confluent Medical Technologies Expands Textiles Capabilities

Confluent Medical Technologies has added Calendar Textile Finishing capabilities at our Warwick, Rhode Island facility to advance what’s possible with woven and knit textiles.  This tech expansion enables tailored fabric thickness and permeability properties of biomedical textiles, controlling profile and porosity of textiles used in transcatheter devices. Calendering is a textile finishing operation, pressing a ...continue reading

Confluent Offers Best In Class Lead Times For High Precision Polymer Tubing

Confluent Medical’s New Polymer Tubing Site Offers Lead Times of 4 Weeks or Less for PTFE Liners, Polyimide Tubing and Multi-layer Composite Tubing SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Confluent Medical Technologies (“Confluent”) announces today that their new High Precision Polymer Tuber center of excellence is offering lead times of 4 weeks or less. “We are excited to provide ...continue reading

Tech Note: Confluent Medical Technologies Expanding Nitinol Braiding Capability

Confluent Medical Technologies has expanded the capabilities at our Warwick, Rhode Island facility to support high-end-count braiding of Nitinol and metal wire components. The addition of 96/64-carrier braider combines Confluent’s broad biomedical textiles and Nitinol expertise to meet customer requirements for braided stents and frames in neurovascular and structural heart markets. The capability expansion establishes ...continue reading