The Thermal Transformation from Austenite to Martensite and the Origin of Shape Memory

In this introduction to the second chapter of Nitinol: The Book, Tom introduces the shape memory effect as it relates to phase transformations in metals. ...continue reading

Phase Transformations in Metals

In Chapter 2 of Nitinol: The Book, Tom introduces some basics principles of phase transformations in metals. As unusual as Nitinol is, the superelastic and shape memory properties driving these are a byproduct of phase transformations that are ubiquitous in virtually all materials. Read on to learn more, including why Napoleon's Russian invasion failed because of a phase transformation... ...continue reading

The Future

What does the future hold for Nitinol? In this chapter, Tom speculates about the potential of shape memory applications, R-phase, and such emerging technologies as thin-film constructs, and porous Nitinol. ...continue reading

Other Alloys Exhibiting Shape Memory Effects

Other alloys exhibiting shape memory effects, including beta-titanium, brass, bronze, and nickel-aluminum. ...continue reading

A Historical Perspective

The history of steel dates thousands of years to ancient times, stainless steel has been prominent for about a hundred years, and Nitinol for perhaps a couple of decades. In this short chapter, Tom traces the ancestors of modern nickel titanium, dating to the 1930's. ...continue reading

A Short Orientation

The "shape memory triangle" introduces the concepts of shape memory and superelasticity effects in Nitinol. This quick installment includes the first of many figures that we'll refer to in this series. ...continue reading

Nitinol: The Book. An Introduction

Today we introduce an exciting new original series to Over twenty years have passed since the famously out-of-print Engineering Aspects of Shape Memory Alloys was published. In the subsequent decades, Tom Duerig, Alan Pelton, and colleagues here at NDC have learned quite a bit, and we’ve set out to write it all down in ...continue reading