Nitinol Components

Confluent Medical Technologies is committed to providing the medical market with the highest levels of Nitinol material purity, quality and developing new material science technologies. Our material’s supply chain capabilities provide best-in-class market pricing, lead times and innovation helping you deliver your product to market sooner.

SE 508 ELI World’s Purest Nitinol Tube and Wire

  • Inclusions can be point of fracture initiation if located at a high strain area of the component
  • Ideal for high fatigue applications such as Cardiovascular Implants, or small feature components such as Neurovascular Stents
  • CT Scan images show Nitinol Tubing Cross Section comparison of SE508 (ASTM Standard Inclusion Rate) vs SE508-ELI (High Purity NiTi)


  • We control purity and characteristic of the material melt at the source
  • We are the only material supplier for SE508 ELI – the world’s purest Nitinol material used for tube or wire
  • We are the only material supplier that provides in-house gun drilling and machining services for tube hollows, reducing costs and lead times
  • We manufacture and supply drawn, finished Nitinol tubes and Nitinol wire
  • We offer complete Nitinol device contract manufacturing