Newsroom: Confluent Announces Significant Investment in ATI Nitinol Melt Expansion

Interface Catheter Solutions ION-1000 Balloon Tubing Deionizer Improves Balloon Production Yields

Laguna Niguel, CA, July 10, 2009 – Interface Catheter Solutions balloon tubing deionizer ION-1000 uses a stream of ionized air to eliminate electrostatic forces that attract dust and to remove foreign particulates from the surface of balloon tubing. The reduction of particulates on the tubing will decrease defects such as drag lines, dimples, and embedded surface particulates. Clean balloon tubing will increase balloon quality and production yields. Interface uses the ION-1000 in its own balloon production with substantial improved yield results.

The ION-1000 Balloon Tubing Deionizer has an integrated submicron filter system with water separator for clean dry air compatible within a clean-room environment. The ION-1000 is motion-sensor activated to initiate air flow when the sensor is engaged and stops automatically based on a predetermined setting. It is a simple compact system that works quickly and accurately.

Interface Catheter Solutions is the only vertically integrated provider of outsourced solutions for balloon catheter manufacturing. Interface has been solely focused on the balloon catheter market since 1995 and continually sets industry standards through process and equipment advancements in balloon catheter manufacturing.

Interface has created more than 2,000 balloon designs, and offers balloon design and development, extruded balloon tubing, balloon contract manufacturing, plus a comprehensive line of balloon catheter production and testing equipment. Interface is ISO 13485:2003 certified and operates multiple class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) and 100,000 (ISO Class 8) clean rooms in three facilities. Interface’s headquarters is located at 27752 El Lazo Road, Laguna Niguel, California. www.interfaceusa.comTel 949.448.7056.


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