Tech note: Confluent Exceeds Historical Filmcast PTFE Threshold

Confluent’s New Polymer Webshop Provides Solution to PTFE Lead Time Constraints

Confluent Medical Technologies Announces The Launch Of Their New Polymer Webshop Offering 1-2 Day Lead Times

(Scottsdale, AZ)- Confluent Medical Technologies (Confluent), today, announces the launch of their new Online Polymer Webshop. This new webshop offers PTFE Liners, REACH Compliant Polyimide, and additional Polymer offerings within a 1-2 day processing time.

The products listed on the webshop are on-hand materials that require no customization allowing a 1-2 day processing time. The development of an online store for PTFE Liners mitigates the current lead time situation for these lubricious liners and provides the industry with a much needed solution.

“We understand that the industry is struggling to supply PTFE Liners in a timely manner,” stated Jill Ellison, VP of Operations for Confluent’s Polymer Tubing Center of Excellence. “This new webshop allows us to supply the most common sizes of Filmcast PTFE Liners and additional in-demand Polymer products to our customers in the quickest way possible.”
Confluent currently offers custom Filmcast PTFE Liners with ID sizes from 0.010” to 0.155” in 4 weeks or less. Confluent announced their latest REACH Compliant Polyimide capabilities earlier this month proving a solution to the EU’s Medical Device Regulation.

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