NDC Tech Note: Highlights from SMST 2015

The Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (“SMST”) Conference 2015, held in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom from May 18th – 22nd, featured a broad array of topics relevant to the medical device industry, a few of note which are included below: Effect of Pre-strain and Sensitivity on Nitinol Fatigue Historically, industry has predicted Nitinol fatigue durability on ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: NDC’s Turn-Key Guidewire Operation

Since 2010, NDC has produced high-performing interventional guidewires for peripheral vascular, cardiovascular, endovascular, gastrointestinal, neurovascular and urology applications. Manufactured at NDC Costa Rica by a dedicated team of experts, NDC not only offers OEM production capability for customers, but also can provide a line of private label guidewires designed internally at NDC. These private label ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST) May 18th – 22nd, 2015

The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies will take place in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom from May 18th – 22nd. SMST brings together a diverse group of worldwide experts active in the field of shape memory and superelastic materials. There will be a full-day workshop on Monday, May 18th, followed by a four-day technical ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: High Volume, Low Cost Manufacturing with NDC Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to more than 60 medical device companies, including Medtronic, Abbott, Boston Scientific, Volcano and Hologic. Due to its highly educated workforce, competitive operating costs and tax advantages, Costa Rica is an ideal country in which to establish a manufacturing presence. Costa Rica’s workforce is highly stable, with the population working and ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: New study shows NDC’s innovative Nitinol etching process has superior fatigue resistance

A study released in January 2015 shows that components etched with NDC’s new proprietary chemical etching process demonstrate superior fatigue resistance at 10 million cycles compared to parts etched with standard etching processes. NDC’s next generation chemical etching process has the ability to selectively remove the thermal oxide from the surface of components without dissolving ...continue reading

Thank you for visiting NDC at MDM West 2015

It was a pleasure speaking with you and we hope we were able to update you on the latest trends in the Nitinol industry. NDC is a highly innovative and experienced Nitinol device design and contract manufacturing company that offers synergistic partnership throughout your product’s lifecycle. Our specialized teams focus on AAA/TAA stent grafts, neurovascular ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: Project Management Implementation provides greater predictability in project timelines

At the same time that NDC is expanding its customer portfolio and the diversity of Nitinol medical devices it manufactures, it is also embracing core capabilities in project management. NDC has implemented a project management approach by fundamentally reorganizing its customer-facing product development teams. NDC now has a full staff focused on technical project management, ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: NDC Expands Technical Team

To meet the growing demands of customers and to support its existing Nitinol device and component contract manufacturing programs, NDC continues to develop deep bench strength within its technical team and is pleased to announce the following organizational changes: NDC’s founder Tom Duerig, has stepped into the Chief Technology Officer role. In this capacity, Tom ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: NDC Develops Innovative Chemical Etching Process

NDC has developed a new chemical etching process to preferentially remove thermal oxide from the surface of Nitinol based medical device implants. This breakthrough represents another technology NDC can utilize to tailor manufacturing processes specifically to customers’ unique and proprietary devices and is particularly suited towards smaller geometry devices, such as devices developed for neurovascular ...continue reading

NDC Tech Note: NDC expands testing services

NDC recently added nickel ion release and hydrogen testing to its extensive portfolio of testing services specifically for Nitinol implants. NDC has unique expertise running and reporting upon standardized tests routinely required by regulatory bodies worldwide. By understanding Nitinol’s unique fundamental properties, design constraints and the processes used in manufacturing, NDC’s testing services team is ...continue reading