About two years ago, in May 2008, NDC regained its independence as a privately held company. To celebrate our one year anniversary, in May 2009, we launched a new brand identity and website at This year, for our two year anniversary, we introduce a new feature of the website, Read on for more…

The Nitinol Ranch in Fremont has been a buzzing hive of activity throughout this time, as we’ve reintroduced ourselves to customers, reinvented our company, and continued to advance the art and science of Nitinol development. Contributing to the community has always been a passion for us at NDC, as evidenced by a long list of published literature, and years of teaching and leadership with industry organizations like SMST, ASM, TAE, and others. You can even find some of us on YouTube! But if you don’t happen to be one of our customers, you may not have seen much from us in the past couple of years. We’ve been pretty busy, and the time we love to spend on outreach to the Nitinol community has been more scarce than we would like.

Enter Technology! is an outlet for NDC to reconnect our community with yours, offer our thoughts on Nitinol technology and development,  share things that we find interesting and exciting, and give you an opportunity to join in the conversation.  You can follow us on this website, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter @WeAreNitinol.

Since re-launching last year, we have hosted treasure trove of over 160 research papers. We wanted to make this information easier to discover and use, so we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite papers here, with a description of the subject and content, as well as a link to the PDF. We will also post new original research, design guidelines, NDC news, commentary, opinions, and anything else we can think of. Every page on provides an opportunity to comment, and we want to hear from you… So help us out, and let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see here in the future!

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