An Overview of Nitinol Medical Applications

When mining our server logs in preparation for creating, we found that two articles in our literature database had far and away more hits than any other. So, it seems fitting that the first paper in our spotlight should be this 1999 classic by our own Tom Duerig, Alan Pelton, and Dieter Stöckel. Though now over a decade old, this paper reads like Nitinol’s Greatest Hits, touching on superelastic design, thermal deployment, kink resistance, biocompatibility, constancy of stress, biomechanical compatibility, dynamic intereference, and hysteresis. But wait, there’s more: MR compatibility, fatigue resistance, and uniform plastic deformation. It highlights such applications as stents (of course!), endoscopic instruments, septal occluders, vena cava filters, and graspers, among other things. If you read only one paper on Nitinol medical applications today, make this the one!

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